I teach creative writing classes and have worked with adults of all ages, teenagers, and college undergraduates. I believe in community education and access to the arts as a force of public health and empowerment. Fundamentally I believe every person, and subsequently our planet, can benefit from creative expression.

Currently I teach with Frequency Writers, a non-profit community organization in Providence RI, of which I am also the director. In the past I have taught a writing workshop for disabled adults in collaboration with RHD-RI, and I have taught at the high school and undergraduate levels at Brown University.

Selected Courses and Programming

Writing Sounds Lounge is an ongoing monthly drop-in program of Frequency Writers that invites attendees to write while listening. Guest musicians from the Providence community perform while attendees are invited (but certainly not required) to write to specified prompts related to sound and listening.

Everyday Writing, taught Feb-April 2017
Description: Everyday Writing is a generative workshop with a goal of relieving the pressure we often place on our creative practices, so that we might integrate creativity and writing into our everyday life. Class participants will be asked to engage with many different methods of beginning, and sustaining, a piece of writing. This class is a relative of Meditative Art Making and will use some of the same inspirations—we will find inspiration in our immediate surroundings, in objects, in each other, in different art forms. All writing levels, all genres, all artists, all humans are encouraged to enroll. The workshop will not include traditional critiques, but writers will share work each week. Bring an open, generous mind.

Language in Motion, taught August 2016
Description: In this course we will shift our perspective away from words and language as merely a means to an end. Instead we will attempt to view and employ text and words themselves as works of art that we might assemble into a landscape. This six-week workshop will give participants the opportunity to create and read pieces of writing that are put in motion by the words they employ. We will allow the sound, rhythm, letters, and physical structure of words themselves to guide the work we create. In this way we might rediscover our own language and speak through it. All levels of writers are welcome in this class. Students need only an open mind and willingness to experiment.

Meditative Art Making, taught summer 2016 & fall 2015
Description: How can we bring our creative practices to the present moment and engage that moment directly? The class will incorporate meditative exercises and weekly assignments. This will be a generative and discussion based course. Students’ individual artistic practices will guide our discussions, allowing us to support each other across disciplines. We will end with a public celebration and performance of created work. This writing workshop is open to artists of all mediums and levels of experience who are interested in working with text.

Collaborations, cotaught with Ren Evans in spring 2015
Description: This is a course for writers of all genres and levels of experience who are interested in collaborating with other artistic mediums. Visiting local artists will lead collaborations with writers in the course in different artistic fields. In-class and out-of-class exercises will guide writers in an interdisciplinary conversation with each other, with existing works, and with new ways of generating work outside of their primary form. The class will conclude in celebration with a public performance of created work.