my earths

a desert arizona earth

my earth today a desert arizona earth. we go to flagstaff, we go to jerome, we go to phoenix. in flagstaff we go to the boat house, the view, the view, we go to the mountain, we go to the view, we look to the canyon, the river–landmarks of loss. then phoenix to old friends, to the bar, the casino, the garden, the smog, to the airport, to the buildings, american stores or dreams, to the sun, to the dirt, to the air conditioning. in arizona we go to goodbye, we go to hello old friend, hello old earth, new dirt, new grief, new earth, my earth. 


the wood bird with its tonal haw

disordering of sound

unmitigated propulsion 

        of thought

all-new line cut

break through, wave wash, ghost ark, free fall

and disapproving song

taps taps against the house

makes slats individual

makes them know–

it won’t take much to come loose

all earths

your earth what is it like on your earth my earth just recently grew spherical began an orbit around something other than the sun my earth takes its reflection from the repeating explosion of the supernova over and over my earth is rampant with animals stretching their necks above the line of gravity their heads just floating while their bodies stay planted keeping them safe.

my earth creates its own words and speaks into space just to communicate and leave the suave leave the suave my earth is not suave but stays open to the venn diagram center of all earths.