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Sam Says, Sam now available from Spuyten Duyvil, October 2018
(read an excerpt at Anomalous)

“Sam Says, Sam is alive with bird and “potential bird,” a powerful meditation on claiming one’s place and one’s possibilities in the world. Tourjee’s extended series of taut, precise phrases reveals a mind intensely at work, encountering the insufficiencies of the body and the limitations of language and category. Sam Says, Sam is a work of self-creation and self-transformation and as readers, we witness, transfixed, the poet uttering the self into existence, “exposed, “on the verge of it,” and then, triumphantly, “unafraid.””
–Mary-Kim Arnold, author of Litany for the Long Moment


tongueWhen Tongue Was Muscle available from Anomalous Press, April 2016

“When Tongue Was Muscle is everything one could ask for in a collection of poetry, which is to say it is an ever-expanding work of art, where blood is not only that, but also what “falls from the nose to prove that inside of you is color.”
Read the whole review in Washington City Paper


Ghost a chapbook available from Anomalous Press, March 2013

The worst of all offenses was that I did not even know he was upon me, if he ever was upon me.” Less a book than a a hollowing, a keening, an excavation, an echo chamber, suffused with doubt and dread and longing—haunted and gorgeous.”
-Carole Maso

Adapted for ballet in 2014 by Vincent Brewer, Berkshire Choreography Project

Music by Alfred Brewer, Video by Sam Brewer


Sam Says, Sam creative audio, featured in Directed Dreaming experimental theatre and audio zine, volume 1, May 2019
Voice, sounds, recording and mixing by S. Tourjee

“The Siblings” Queerly Beloved podcast by Broadly, featuring Seth and Diana Tourjee, with introduction article by Diana Tourjee, September 2018

Dear Riverbed, Dear Silence, Pulpmouth Issue 3, 2020
Words by S. Tourjee and Ren Evans
Video by S. Tourjee, 2017
Sounds by Emily Dix Thomas

Seaspace Landscape, a poetry and sound collaboration with Emily Dix Thomas, Recorded demo available May 2016

With projections by Ida Thistle. Joshua Tree CA 2016.

PROSE / stories, nonfiction, poetry

Providence Journal 4-2017

Coral in Oversound, Issue Six, 2020

On community and art making in The Providence Journal, April 2017

Marrow (nominated for Best of the Net) in Threadcount, November 2015

Aspects of Travel in The Rumpus, June 2015

Erotic Wingbeats from a Swarm of Gnats (nominated for the Pushcart) and excerpts from Sam Says, Sam in Anomalous, July 2014

excerpts from Sam Says, Sam in H_NGM_N #16, May 2014

Our Quick Evolution, Aristophanes, and Marcus Made of Coral all in Spork, May 2014

Travel Paths Through The Lake  in Quarterly West, November 2013

A Stampede of Horses, Tree, and Pieces (nominated for Best of the Net) all in Gone Lawn, June 2013

Bread Alley in the anthology The &NOW Awards 2: Best Innovative Writing, May 2013
nominated by Anomalous Press

Sam Says, Sam, plus a postcard in Wigleaf, April 2013

The Library in Conjunctions issue 59, November 2012

Aviation, plus a postcard in Wigleaf, October 2012

Archive in Everyday Genius, October 2012

Walter in The Good Men Project, September 2012

I Am Turning Into My Father in PANK 7, September 2012
John Hawkes award 2011, Brown University
nominated for AWP Intro Award 2011

An interview with The Collagist

Penetrable Paradox in The Collagist

Three stories in Anomalous Press: Bread Alley, What It Means (Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist 2012), & In the Dark

The Problem With Strudel in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

Goodbye Marcus in the Sonora Review
Sonora Review 2007 Short Short Story Contest finalist


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