light until you see

My earth is the cave, Plato’s shadows of trees, arms of the dark, branch like a person, fire like light, shadow just shade sending shade giving shade like a cover like a roof like a shelter like a planet in space. Earths grow up like bodies like my body in shapes put together and named pronouned like a planet is mother because we’re home here were born here stomp our feet here throw a tantrum here change our minds here. but i grew from the root shadowed dirt of the tree, from the shadow of what we call a tree, we call a body, call an earth, call a girl, call a shadow in the shape of something familiar to what our own eyes have seen, until the light changes, shadows break, tree refracts, branch full of light, roots leave the earth and breathe air leaves translucent bark breaks from the trunk shadow light different light tree parts in light changing in light until you see.